Established in 1956 by Children’s Service League (CSL) as Midland Cerebral Palsy Center (CP Center), it was designed to provide children with cerebral palsy in need of therapy treatment.  The CP Center started with 25 children, a physical therapist and a part time speech therapist.  In 2001, ownership of the C.P. Center was given to the Board of Directors, which is when the name was changed to Midland Children’s Rehabilitation Center (MCRC).  CSL remained as a separate non-profit, and their mission remains to serve the children at MCRC.

MCRC has expanded over the years and now serves children infant to age 22 with orthopedic and neurological needs.  Annually, MCRC sees more than 400 children through therapy programs, bracing clinics and medical clinics, all at little to no cost to children and families.  To date, MCRC has never had to charge clients for these services; we are the only pediatric therapy center in the state of Texas to offer such services with no fees.

Funding for MCRC therapy services comes from fundraising events, foundations, corporations, businesses, and individual donors.