Adrian Gaines Independence!

Adrian Gaines Independence!

It had been over two years since Adrian, 4, was able to move on his own, that is until he got his new power chair.

Adrian was a 2-year-old with excellent health and age appropriate in development, until he was in a terrible accident in 2015. Since the accident the only movement Adrian has is moving his head and shrugging his shoulders.

For the past 18 months Adrian’s physical therapist at MCRC, Elizabeth Chalambaga, D.P.T., and Adrian’s family have done everything possible to show Adrian’s health insurance he has the need for the chair, as well as his capability in safely driving and controlling the chair.

When Adrian received the chair a couple of weeks ago, the first thing he did was chase his sister around and play hide and seek with his mom, two normal activities any 4-year-old does.

“When Adrian first started coming to MCRC he didn’t say or do much,” said Elizabeth. “He’s opened up and come out of his shell since then. He loves the power chair, he can go wherever he wants, he has his own mobility and independence.”

Adrian works at improving his driving of the power chair during every session with Elizabeth, she hopes with new technology and hard work Adrian will be independent for years to come.