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Alternatives to Sippy Cups

Terrific alternatives can still protect from spills:

  1. Pop-up straw cups, like the Playtex Sipster, guaranteed by Playtex to be leak-free. Once the child masters straw drinking, suggest to parents cutting down the straw so the tip of the straw just reaches the tip of the tongue when the mouth is closed around the straw. This ensures the tongue can still elevate.
  2. Fun valved toppers, like the Good2Grow Spill-Proof Bottle Toppers. These character bottle toppers also help motivate kids to drink more water.
  3. Aluminum options with built-in straws, like the Kid Basix Safe Sippy Cup (actually a straw cup) with a straw specifically designed to be short and angled for little mouths.
  4. Some children with special medical needs may require a valved sippy cup to maintain a safe swallow. For your clients in speech, language or feeding treatment, you can determine the best cup for their needs. Ideally, children learn to drink from a straw cup by 9 months of age and an open cup, held by a parent, in the first year of life. Independent open-cup drinking, albeit somewhat messy at times, should be learned by 18 months of age.

Taken from Sippy Cups: 3 Reasons to Skip Them and What to Offer Instead written by Melanie Potock MA 02/28/2017.