Charitable Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are a celebrated tradition, especially among children. We put together a list of our child’s closest friends, and those friends spend time gathered in our child’s honor. Part of this tradition involves gifts.

But what if the gifts are for someone else? This idea is becoming more and more popular as families, who in lieu of gifts for the birthday boy or girl, collect items at birthdays to give back to a local charitable organization.

Several of our clients have chosen to give charitable birthday parties. Some collect cash donations, others collect needed items for the Center such as batteries, antibacterial cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer, and also toys for the occupational therapy suite.

It may seem odd to celebrate giving instead of receiving on our child’s birthday, but there is a lot we can learn. Not only is this is a wonderful lesson in giving for the birthday boy or girl, but also for their friends and other families in attendance.