Aiden (left) and T.J. (right) after graduating their first POWER session!

An 8 week program that promotes healthy lifestyles through exercise and nutrition

P.O.W.E.R (Pediatric Outpatient Weight loss and Education Resource) is a program designed for children who have been referred to the program by their pediatrician/ primary care physician for issues related to weight loss, nutrition and exercise education and activities. This program is developed to promote healthy lifestyles in a group setting.

The program will include:
• Nutrition education conducted by a Registered Dietician
• Exercise programs and activities supervised by licensed Physical therapists at Midland Children’s Rehabilitation Center.
• Cardiovascular and resistive exercises for strengthening and improved physical fitness.
• Exercise sessions: 45-60 minutes, three times a week.
Potential benefits include weight loss, strength gains, improved endurance, increased flexibility, improved motivation, sense of accomplishment, and socialization with peers.


Offered during the Summer. Call ahead for more information.