More On Adaptive Clothing

More On Adaptive Clothing

Callie learned how to tie her shoes. But in some situations, tying her shoes was not that easy. Her shoelace might come untied in the cafeteria during lunch time or in the busy hallway between classes and Callie would struggle to tie it back under the pressure of a loud and chaotic environment. So in an effort to avoid embarrassment at the struggle of tying her shoes, Callie would tuck her shoelaces into her shoe, or often the shoelaces would just remain untied for the rest of the day. Mom would pick her up from school, exasperated by dirty shoelace ends once again.

Then Mom found out about the Hickies® Lacing System – a device that eliminates the need for shoelaces. They require Callie to fasten her shoes only once, and her shoes are always ready to go—no lacing required. Mom was impressed with the convenience of Hickies, but more than that, she was overjoyed at Callie’s satisfaction of never having to experience that embarrassing struggle at school again.

Hickies® Lacing System is a type of adaptive clothing, something we have talked about on the MCRC blog before. Adaptive clothing makes it easier for people with disabilities to get dressed and undress without it becoming a frustrating experience. just released an adaptive store, making your adaptive clothing needs a one-stop shop. From the webpage:

“Adaptive clothing is clothing designed for people who experience difficulty dressing themselves due to an inability to use closures, such as buttons and zippers, or due to lack of full range of motion required for self-dressing… for children and adults who have sensitivity issues, we carry sensory-friendly tops and bottoms made with super-soft fabrics that feature the seams sewn down to minimize irritation to the skin.”

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